Exploring the World of Sound and Light Healing

Hello, my name is Rohini Master, and I am a certified trainer and practitioner in sound and light healing. With over two decades of experience, I have had the privilege of helping people around the globe find a deeper understanding of their problems and navigate through life’s challenges using various healing modalities.

Unlocking the Power of Healing Modalities

Sound therapy is one of the powerful tools I use to assist individuals on their healing journeys. By harnessing the vibrations and frequencies of sound, we can tap into the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Whether it’s through the use of singing bowls, tuning forks, or chanting, sound therapy can help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and restore balance in the mind, body, and spirit.

In addition to sound therapy, I also incorporate counseling and clinical hypnotherapy into my practice. These modalities allow individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a safe and supportive environment. By addressing the root causes of their challenges, we can work together to create lasting change and transformation.

Another powerful technique I utilize is past life regression. By accessing past life memories, individuals can gain insight into recurring patterns, fears, and phobias that may be affecting their present lives. This modality can provide a profound sense of healing and understanding, allowing individuals to release old traumas and move forward with clarity and purpose.

Energy medicine is yet another modality that I incorporate into my practice. By working with the body’s energetic system, we can identify and clear any blockages or imbalances that may be hindering the individual’s well-being. This can include techniques such as Reiki, acupuncture, or acupressure, among others.

Embracing a Holistic Approach to Healing

As a practitioner, I firmly believe in taking a holistic approach to healing. This means addressing the individual as a whole, considering their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. To achieve this, I offer a wide range of modalities such as Bach flower therapy, metaphor and art therapy, elemental space clearing, entity clearing, cognitive therapy, angel therapy, tarot and angel card reading, psychic reading, channeling, mediumship, akashic records, breathwork, bodywork, yoga and meditation, chakra healing, color therapy, aura reading, kundalini yoga, distant healing, animal communication, and consciousness coaching.

Each of these modalities has its unique benefits and can be tailored to meet the individual’s specific needs. Whether someone is seeking emotional healing, spiritual guidance, or simply a deeper connection with themselves, there is a modality that can support them on their journey.

Discovering the Path to Healing

If you are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, I invite you to explore the world of sound and light healing with me. Together, we can uncover the root causes of your challenges, release what no longer serves you, and create a life filled with joy, abundance, and well-being.

Whether you choose to engage in sound therapy, counseling, past life regression, or any of the other modalities I offer, know that you are taking a powerful step towards your own healing and transformation. I am here to support you every step of the way.

Take the first step today and reach out to me to begin your journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.